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Business Owner Divorce Lawyer In Cherry Hill, NJ

Divorce is even more complex for people who own businesses than it usually is. There are numerous processes you must complete to ensure that you arrive at an equitable asset division arrangement while doing what is best for the company.

In such high-stakes circumstances, you need an attorney who advocates for your best interests assertively. Attorney Fiore Bucci cares as much about your personal well-being as you do. At Fiore Law Group, he steadfastly represents businessowners throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania in their divorce proceedings.

Experience Plus A Record Of Positive Outcomes

Both New Jersey and Pennsylvania are equitable division states. The court will divide marital assets equitably between both spouses. These include, in many cases, business assets acquired after the marriage. Judges have a great deal of discretion in issuing asset distribution orders. If you do not have a divorce lawyer who has an in-depth understanding of how to approach businesses in a divorce, you stand to lose substantial financial security.

Fiore Bucci has successfully handled hundreds of cases involving complex assets, giving him the insight necessary to assist clients with:

Mr. Bucci understands how stressful it is to address business operations, marital dissolution issues and property division – at the same time. He strives to reduce your burden by handling the legal process and the many related issues for you, allowing you to concentrate on your day-to-day life.

Many people in Southern New Jersey do business in the Philadelphia metro area and vice versa. Mr. Bucci is licensed to practice in both states and understands the many nuances and differences in marital and corporate law in each state.

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When you are looking for a lawyer who is as concerned about your divorce as you are, you can turn to Fiore Law Group. To schedule your initial consultation, please call 856-424-3658 or send Mr. Bucci an email. He has office locations in Cherry Hill and Doylestown.