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A divorce is never easy to handle. Disagreements and misunderstandings can lead to a costly and challenging road to ending your divorce or civil union. In addition to the emotional agreements to reach during the process, alimony can also be part of the discussion.

However, a caring and experienced attorney can make a positive difference. Mr. Fioravante Bucci is an experienced attorney who has become his divorce clients’ trusted ally in Pennsylvania and South Jersey. At Fiore Law Group, he will explain your options and what you can expect from the process.

Learning The Types And Duration Of Alimony

Alimony refers to the court-ordered financial support one spouse pays to the other, following specific rules and considerations. If a judge determines one spouse will pay alimony to the other spouse, the judge will also fix the type of alimony granted and how long said support will last.

For example, let’s suppose a soon-to-be ex-spouse is young and may find a job soon. The judge could then grant alimony for a limited duration.

In some circumstances, a spouse may receive alimony payable until the other spouse can provide for themselves. This is called open durational alimony.

Other types of alimony include rehabilitative alimony. It refers to the financial assistance a spouse may get to cover expenses related to the recipient’s training/education required to gain financial independence.

Finally, there is reimbursement alimony. It covers the time, effort or money a spouse invested so the other spouse could improve their education, business or financial stability.

What You Should Know About Alimony

If a spouse wants to apply for alimony, a judge will consider whether said spouse:

Another major consideration is how long the marriage lasted and, of course, the ability of a spouse to pay alimony. Mr. Bucci can help you determine your options and potential paths according to your particular case and circumstances.

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