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Beware of spending on joint credit cards during divorce

When spouses have joint credit card accounts and bank accounts, what they purchase is not private. Their spouse can check the statements and see exactly what they purchased, when they did so, where they were and how much they spent. This information is recorded with each credit or debit card...

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How social media posting can hurt your divorce

Once a divorce gets started, most people just want to get through the process as quickly, easily and peacefully as possible. If you feel like any of those goals resonate with you, then do yourself a favor: Stay off social media. If you’re unwilling to avoid social media entirely (and...

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Considering Divorce? Be careful what you text on a shared plan

Nowadays, mobile phones are an important resource in re: how people connect with their communities. Devices let someone text their family members or make a call to a client or employer. When someone goes through a difficult time, they will likely rely on their phone to help them tap into...

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Top 3 ways house is divided during the split

Fair doesn’t always mean equal. When a divorce happens in New Jersey, the equitable distribution rules mean that a couple’s assets and debts are supposed to be divided in a way that’s fair, which may or may not mean 50/50. Couples can usually decide how to divide a lot of...

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How do divorcing business owners split the family business?

Family businesses are incredibly common, but they can come with some interesting complexities. For example, maybe two people decided to get married, and then they later started a business together. Now they’ve decided that they’re going to get divorced. If they weren’t joint business owners, this would just be a...

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How alimony works in New Jersey

Alimony, sometimes referred to as spousal maintenance or spousal support, is an important form of financial protection during and after divorce. Alimony allows someone who has been dependent on their spouse to begin living independently again at the end of the marriage. It is common for one spouse to sacrifice...

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2 ways that same-sex marriage creates unique divorce concerns

Same-sex couples in New Jersey have the right to get married, and that means that they may eventually also need to file for divorce. Unfortunately, given that same-sex marriages are relatively new, same-sex divorces can be a bit more challenging to complete than standard heterosexual divorces. Although many areas of...

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How much alimony will I have to pay?

Property division is a key concern for many divorcing couples. While this includes bank and retirement accounts, real estate, and pieces of personal property, it can also include alimony. But if you’re confronting an alimony fight, then you probably have two questions on your mind: how long is alimony going...

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How will I pay for my divorce?

There are many issues to address in divorce from child support and child custody to division of assets and alimony. But divorce also comes with expenses such as legal fees. Depending on the circumstances, courts may order your estranged spouse to pay for your legal fees. Courts may order spouse...

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