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What are marital assets?

When a marriage comes to an end, the division of property can take center stage – but you can’t really talk about what there is to divide or how to do it until you fully understand what is (and isn’t) a marital asset. The longer you’ve been married, the harder...

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Can I protect my inheritance in divorce?

Money troubles are at the heart of a lot of divorces, but sometimes it’s not the absence of money that causes conflict. A large influx of wealth can also be the source of disputes, especially if a couple has vastly different financial habits and goals. Put a “saver” and a...

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Why hiding assets during divorce is not a good idea

Those who are preparing for divorce in New Jersey often worry about their finances after filing. People know they will need to share property and that their living situation and financial accounts may abruptly change. One common tactic to better ensure financial solvency after an initial separation involves starting a...

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How are retirement accounts affected in divorce?

One of the first questions people have when they start thinking about divorce is how the end of their marriage will affect their finances. Most people have heard horror stories about people losing so much property that their standard of living drastically shifts, and such tales might deter people in...

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How does asset division work in New Jersey divorce?

Although it can be an emotional process, divorce is also a major financial transaction. If handled improperly, you could be left without the financial stability that you need and deserve post-marriage dissolution. If you want to avoid that outcome, then you should educate yourself on the law so that you...

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