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How social media posting can hurt your divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2023 | Divorce

Once a divorce gets started, most people just want to get through the process as quickly, easily and peacefully as possible.

If you feel like any of those goals resonate with you, then do yourself a favor: Stay off social media. If you’re unwilling to avoid social media entirely (and that’s natural, given the role it plays in modern society), you at least want to thin the ranks of your “friends,” ramp up your privacy settings and consider each post or comment you plan to make very carefully.

Why do you need to be wary of social media during a divorce?

These days, it’s entirely normal for social media evidence to be used in divorces, usually to the detriment of the poster. Here are some of the things that can cause problems for you:

  • Inappropriate content: What’s “inappropriate” may vary according to the situation, but consider this example: You are seeking custody of your children, but post pictures of yourself partying with alcohol and drugs. That could definitely hurt your chances.
  • Harassing or threatening messages: Angry and accusatory messages to your ex-spouse or their friends and family members on social media could lead to legal consequences, including a restraining order or criminal charges.
  • Financial disclosures: Maybe you just want to show your spouse that you’re happier without them, but photos of you enjoying a big vacation or shopping for a new wardrobe can create new conflicts if you’re fighting with your spouse over financial support or the division of assets. They may use your photos to show that you are more affluent than you claim to be.
  • Aggravating conflicts: Airing your grievances and complaints about your spouse and their behavior may feel cathartic at the moment – but this can escalate conflicts and make negotiations more difficult (or outright impossible).

Ultimately, you have to keep your eye on your future goals, even if that means some short-term inconvenience. Fortunately, you can rely on experienced legal guidance to steer you away from major mistakes.