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I decided to be a lawyer because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I am a people person. I enjoy interacting with and helping others. An attorney gets to do all those things and more. I started my own practice soon after passing the bar and have been at it ever since. I enjoy the freedom running my own practice gives me, and it allows me to talk and interact with people on a daily basis. Meeting new people, listening to their stories, and figuring out ways to help them are what drives me. When clients work with me, they trust me. Trust is essential to my relationships with clients. My clients trust me because I tell it the way it is, good or bad. You deserve the truth.

I’m a son of immigrant parents from the same farm town in Italy. My father’s family emigrated to the U.S. after The War, whereas my mother’s family moved to Venezuela. I have extended family in Venezuela, Italy, Argentina and Australia. Eventually my parents’ paths crossed, they settled in the U.S. and started a family. I was raised in an old world household with my younger brother, parents and grandmother, and two kitchens, of course.

Being Italian, family is literally the beginning and the end of all things for us. My mother is a Spanish teacher at the local high school. My grandmother worked as a caretaker and babysitter here and there after my grandfather passed. My brother and I went to the same elementary school, high school and college. We are still very close despite our obligations to our own families. He became a CPA and I became a lawyer since I was never good at math. I married my college sweetheart after a 12-year courtship. I figured since she waited that long and could still stand me, she was the one.

At the end of the day, my job is satisfying when my clients are happy, when I see them smile and when they hug me after a hard fought hearing. I enjoy getting holiday cards in the mail from prior clients from years past with their families and knowing I helped them achieve happiness and peace.

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